Care & Maintenance

Care & Maintenance

Care & Maintenance


To maintain quality and guarantee of Marc & André we would like you to take tender-good care of your purchase. The manufacturer is not responsible for the damage caused by not following washing and care instructions and the guarantee becomes invalid.



To maintain the sight and shape of the merchanise we advise to hand wash the garments. Use the washing machine if you have a hand-washing programme. In that case use a lingerie wash bag and a suitable gentle detergent and a delicate wash cycle. 
Bleaching, ironing, dry cleaning, tumble drying are not allowed.



To maintain the quality and warranty of this garment, please treat your new swimwear with extra love and care.
After every use rinse thoroughly in clear cold water. Hand wash separately. 
Use only a small amount of mild detergent. Never leave to soak. Do not use fabric softeners.
Do not bleach, machine wash, dry clean, iron, spin or tumble dry this garment.
Do not rub or wring. To remove excess water, gently press the garment. 
To avoid fading or discoloration, do not dry the garment in direct sunlight. Dry flat in shade, turned inside-out. Some colours may fade faster because of the specifications of their manufacture.
No fabric is guaranteed for excessive exposure to salt, sand, over chlorinated and overheated spas and pools, which will damage the fabric fibers. 
Shiny and rubbery surface may wear off due to prolonged exposure to heat, friction or any kind of improper maintenance.
Avoid rough surfaces, excessive contact with suntan oils and lotions. 
Do not leave wet or damp garment rolled up into a plastic bag or a towel to dry.



To maintain the sight of the garment follow laundry care symbols and instructions on tags sewn inside the garment.
We suggest hand wash silk products and iron at low temperature.
Velour and viscose products can be washed in a washing machine at lower temperatures unless instructions say otherwise.
Bleaching, dry cleaning, tymble drying are not allowed.

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